Post Pandemic shoppig sucess

2020 is the year of pregnancy. Forced to remain in it and thus stumble into a box with her family and friends and roommates, giving your best Sunday gift includes your wardrobe the best, romantic dress with the dregs of a good night’s sleep on your face. Felt shop felt useless, too big a market – save for shopping why so little time online made me feel nothing but panic and relaxation. Not only did we eat less, but getting into the agora became a thing of the past.

The problem comes when fast-paced fashion is dominated by cyber-dominated robots, despite calls for trade and support and the rise of greenery. But the store managed to stay afloat until the locksmith covered the world of advertising as we know it. Now we are, vaccines and ready to launch the biggest #HotGirlSummer. So, where does this leave us? What will happen to the store? The world is eager to get back to normal. Perhaps the store will emerge as a beacon of hope, where locals will gather and shrug their shoulders and chat as they wander around in chains and toys. Perhaps the global desire to leave home will lead to another shopping spree, going off-e-retail with confirmation, business thinking, which is common.

Only time will tell. For now, Cultured and the ladies have some of our favorite stores in New York and Los Angeles chatting. How do they determine returns on someone’s shopping? What does it mean to have a small business in 2021?

Beverly Nguyen, Beverly’s (New York)

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Beverly’s is the brainchild of fashion designer and fashion designer Beverly Nguyen – perhaps you’ve seen her work in Vogue or collaborations with designers like Louis Vuitton and Cartier. Now, Nguyen has turned his gorgeous eye for homeware and retail stores, culminating in the pop-up of his name. Opened in April, Beverly recently announced another new space at the Rockefeller Center from June 25 to September 1. So whether you’re looking for the perfect gift or for the shiny glass you think about your car, Beverly has you covered. online shopping site

“It is a beautiful and young experience — I have been listening and watching my community. I love being a witness and a friend of how our clients entered another world. I challenge myself as having a platform to translate that experience slowly — and softly. As a customer and store owner, I want others to respect the art of conversation. I hope for a link to what’s inside the store. I think most of us are willing to stay in the body and buy souvenirs and clicks and shipping.

I think the retail landscape is still quite uncertain. I need to do my best to create a community of trust and atmosphere by paying attention to our customers’ wants. It shows me that customers have changed and reset in one way, giving them another opportunity to discover a store with an open mind. ”

A buyer stands in the middle of a bag.

Telsha Anderson, t.a. new York

From the wide Tbilisi, South Korea, Paris, Peru, to West 13th Street – Telsha Anderson has been engaged in a shopping mall provided by t.a. New York. The market bulletin, which celebrated its birthday recently, has features from lovers such as Christopher John Rogers and Rosie Assouline and other products, including books purple and fine gold. Anderson is the icing on the cake with a smile and a soft breeze, making t.a. A space welcoming and welcoming New York requirements.

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“My experience as a business owner has been as inconsistent as it has been a blessing. Eningmeghe during the pandemic in all countries was not a plan but I am grateful that there has been a supportive community guiding me in more than one way. As we emerge from the disease I have seen changes, customer prices are rising and language changes are improving. As a small business now operating in the industry, the opportunities provided are not only appreciated but also needed to sustain it and it is my hope that the market continues to evolve. I was surrounded by other businesses. ”

A woman is sitting in a chair in front of a bookstore

Addison Richley, des two books (Los Angeles)

Want a summer beach to read but don’t know where to start looking? Don’t despair – Addison Richley of des way books you cover. The free online bookstore in the Echo Park area of ​​Los Angeles began as a small business in New York in 2019. But Richley, a native of SoCal, was reunited with the sun in LA in April, and the band changed brick and mortar. In addition to text and novels, the team features a series of films and art books.