Forsage Tron The truth behind it

Two people invited me to join their meeting at Zoom for the Forsage Tron before I finally decided to go to a party. Full statement I always criticize businesses like these. They promise you that you will be able to make big money but the fact is that only a few people make that money.
What They Say They Are

From Forsage

Forsage Busd Program claims to be a Crowdfunding company that developed the contract using the cryptocurrency Tron (TRX). Their agreement is the only payment method that ensures the management of the payment every time a person joins.
When you join the organization you will hear awesome reports about how people made thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars using this system. One way people make money with this scam is by tricking others into investing.
Lies Spread at Congregation Meetings
“Government cannot stop or shut it down”
I don’t think I went to a place where the government could not shut down the store. That is a concern because the legal profession should not specify this. Also, the use of digital currency does not mean that the government will not shut them down. If they trade, they can be shut down.
Another possible closure is for you if you join and forget that you will have to pay higher taxes on your profits in this organization.
“A lot of people make emotional decisions, not real ones. People will not join unless they see others joining ”
This is because it seems to indicate that if a person makes a decision based on the assumption that they will not participate. We will see this idea continue in the other comments.
“We are a crowd funding platform”
Is a platform that shows that large numbers of people are coming together to support a product, service, or visual brand. The only place your money goes into this scam is at the top.
The speaker even explained that the Tron meeting was the only payment method used to pay your bills. The only time you need Tron is when you are “Upgrading” which means paying your high-line amount so you can collect more money from your downline.
“It can not be hacked”
Anything can be hacked. In early 2019, there was a bug that caused Tron to be incapacitated or out of date for the next time (Tron Critical Security Flaw).
“Tron increases in revenue because it is scarce”
It’s not a shortage. Tron has $ 2 billion trade and is losing value for 3 weeks according to CoinGecko

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“Don’t let ‘I don’t understand’ prevent you from making money”
Every investor will tell you if you are investing in something you do not understand you are gambling.
What a Forsage Tron Is
The Forsage Tron is the only plan of the 21st-century pyramid scheme. Only the earners are the closest. If you invest and no one is affiliated with you, then you are terminating your investment.
This was highlighted by one of the speakers saying:
“Arrivals have many benefits”