Airtel tariff plans

What is the tariff plan?
These allegations are described as keeping competitors and other standards in mind. Generally speaking, there are two types of tariffs, also called rates or price estimates, depending on the terms used and the different billing systems.

There may be different types of charges to apply for a product and related services.

Obviously, Airtel has a lot of cheap tariff plans. So when choosing the best tariff plan, you have to be careful and wise. Airtel SmartConnect is a great feature, and you will get a new SIM card.

Airtel Tariff Plan List

Airtel tariff plans planned Transportation System
SmartConnect New SIM
SmartTrybe Caller ID * 312 #
SmartTALK 2.0 Caller ID * 315 #
SmartPREMIER Call * 470 #
SmartTRYBE Junior Call * 371 #
SmartVALUE Call * 314 #
SmartRecharge Call * 220 * PIN #
TalkMore Great Caller ID * 234 #
Airtel 6X package Call * 555 * PIN #
Premier Connect
Call * 254 #

Airtel smartCONNECT
SmartCONNECT is Airtel’s default payment plan for new payment customers where they are happy with the money and any bills they make.

It is for its paid customers and offers 100% Best Price on any data package plus 8 times the money on each refund.

As I mentioned above, you have to buy a new Airtel Sim to make this plan work. All you have to do is buy and operate a brand new Airtel paid version. With Airtel SmartConnect, you can enjoy the benefits below;

*. Gift 200% on all sizes of N200 and more.
*. 15Mb per week free data and recharges from N200.
*. N300 per week Family and friends pay for a charge of N200 and more.
*. Repeat 100 to get N800
-200 get N1600
-300 to get N2400
-500 to get N4000 on
-1000 to N8k

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How to move to Airtel Smart connect.
To move on to the Airtel Airtime to cash SmartConnect plan, you must purchase a new SIM card and insert your SIM card. Then, it automatically logs into your SIM card with your first payment.

There will also be a 7 pm-midnight between 11 pm and 6 am and 11k / sec.

Airtel smart premier tariff plan

Airtel smart premier
This is a cheap and inexpensive Airtel flight plan. It is best if it is the next move within a month by the subscriber because the move within the smart premier is free.

The 1st period of 40k / day pay applies to both domestic and international calls, and this is only.

For example, 1 minute a day is set aside for local calls at 40k / sec, and other local calls are made at 11k / sec; 1 minute per day for international calls is charged at 40k / sec and subsequent calls (regional/national) at 11k / sec.

There are two types of SmartPremier plans, and there is Smart Premier Platinum at N5000 and Smart Premier Platinum Plus at N10,000.

How to move to Airtel SmartPREMIER
To move to the Airtel SmartPremier tariff plan, dial * 470 # USSD code. You will be moved to the plan automatically to enjoy the amazing gift.

You will receive free calls as you roam for up to 500 minutes/month, and you will receive generous donations on each entry for up to 150MB.

airtel smartroam

Airtel smartTALK 2.0
By paying Airtel smart talk 2.0, you can make calls to all networks in Nigeria at 11kobo per second (from the first minute) for a daily N6 charge charged to your first call that day.

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But not only local calls, but you can also make international calls at 20 kobos per second on USA, Canada, China, India and UK Landline.

How to move to Airtel Smart Talk
To move on to the pricing plan of the Airtel Smart 2.0 carrier, dial * 315 # USSD code, you can enjoy the tariff plan. It is also known as Talk Smart and No Hassles.

Airtel Smart Talk 2.0 is a fun pay-per-view plan that gives subscribers the best possible world experience at a flat tariff.

Escape now and start calling friends, family, and everyone in Nigeria for 11k per second every day, all night!

airtel restore the smart tribe

Airtel smart tribe
In fact, this tariff scheme has made it float around Nigeria. It’s too cheap. The tariff plan is great!

It is a unique plan from Airtel designed to connect you to everything in your Trybe!

Calls can be made at 11k / sec on all networks through the Airtel SmartTRYBE tariff plan.

Not only that, but you will get 1GB for N500, which is useful for seven days, but Night Browsing is included, where you use N25 for 500MB. Prepared between 12 and 5 p.m.

With the best rates on data as well as calls on all networks, night browsing for your favourite movies, series and music, as well as special weekend deals, you will never forget anything.

The 1st instalment of N100 will give 5MB, and the second N100 insert within the week will give 10MB to fulfil the expected 15MB in one week. The maximum weekly limit is 15MB.

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How to move to Airtel smart tribe
To move to Airtel smart tribe pricing plan, dial * 312 #. Or, to log in, dial * 312 * 1 # or send ‘CAMPUS’ to 312. Then, you can get the benefits above.SmartTRYBE is designed to deliver the best rates on data and call on all networks overnight.