Airtel Data Plan

Airtel Data Plan
These plans are only for Airtel customers who meet certain criteria. Of course, customers must first show maturity before they can access these features.

Airtel 500 Naira for 1.5 GB
This plan is handy for many Airtel customers, especially those who are trying to make the most of their money for data. But, unfortunately, not everyone is qualified for this feature.

To confirm your eligibility, dial * 418 #. If you receive a response that you do not have the correct balance, you are eligible for this plan. If you already have air time, you will be automatically enrolled in this plan.

After confirming your eligibility, purchase a minimum of 500 Naira and dial * 418 # to activate Airtel 500 Naira for a 1.5GB plan. Note that this plan is 2 weeks old.

Airtel 200 Naira for GB
As much as the 500 plan for the 1.5GB plan, only Airtel customers can access this plan. An amazing addition to this feature is the fact that it also comes with free calls.

Show your maturity by doing this simple thing: Write the GET on 141 and wait for the response.

If you qualify for this program, you will receive a response that says: “Dear Customers, CONRG! you can enjoy 100% data anytime every day for the next three months. ”

After that, buy an N200 air conditioner, and plug it into a special pin, * 143 * Recharge card pin #. I will get 4GB to browse online, valid for one month.

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Airtel 20x money transfer code
This 20-hour money transfer period is only for old subscribers, and the Airtel communication network allows you to enjoy up to 20 times your refund on your subscription.

If you choose 100 Naira plan and 20x Airtel transfer code, you will get 2000 Naira, plus 500 nairas for voice calls and N1,500 for data.

This package is for the old Airtel line that has never had any service in more than two months. This includes no incoming or outgoing calls, text messages, refunds, or data transfers.

If you are eligible for this plan, dial * 214 # and follow the procedure to select the plan you want.

See damage to features below:

N100: Call * 241 * 100 #

N200: Dial * 241 * 200 #

N300: Call * 241 * 300 #

N500: Call * 241 * 500 #

N1,000: Call * 241 * 1000 #

To check your balance on this feature, dial * 223 #.

Airtel 200 for 1GB
This is a package deal for Airtel customers who have not used a sim for long-term data. In addition to the N200 for a 1GB plan, Airtel also offers other cheaper plans.

The only plan you can get is

200MB for N100 (initially 3days)
1GB for N200 (initial 1 week)
2GB for N500 (validity is two weeks)
4GB for N1000 (validity is 1 month)
To access one of these features, dial * 141 * 241 # and follow the instructions provided by the entry.

Airtel dual cheap data code
With this plan, all eligible customers with the Airtel plan will get double the value of their data for each subscription. This means that only 1000Naira, subscribers get 3GB more than 1.5GB, 6GB for 1500 Naira, and so on. It sounds like fun!

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While this is not uncommon, not all Airtel subscribers can access it. To qualify, you must have a text message on Airtel that goes like this:

“Get your data twice while working data 1000 naira. To get huge 3GB for only N1000 / Valid for 30 days, dial * 496 # now. By Airtel.

Or you can receive the following information:

“Free your 3GB data for you today! Pay N1500 to get 6GB for 30 days. Dial * 440 * 161 # now to activate. Give them daily for six months.

After you have approved your qualifications, you can proceed to choose a data plan that will last you up to a month, depending on your usage.

Find the database below:

3GB for 1000 Naira: To activate this plan, dial * 496 #
6GB for 1500 Naira: To activate this feature, dial * 440 * 161 #
7GB for 2000 Naira: To start using this plan, dial * 437 #
18GB for 4000 Naira: To activate this feature, dial * 438 * 1 #
There are several cheap Airtel data plans for any customer, depending on their budget and data needs. We have provided a comprehensive list of the above data, making it easy for any customer to meet their needs.